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What is Toy Junkies?

Toy Junkies is online, peer-to-peer, consolidated multi-vendor marketplace for adventure sports rentals. We provide vendors with their own fully-operational storefront without the costs of  designing, developing and hosting a website.

If you are an adventure sports enthusiast that wants to offer your products to thrill seekers looking for something fun to do, Toy Junkies is THE place to list your Toys for rent! List your toys and Share the love!

We offer a variety of vendor programs for individuals with just a few toys, or those who have a lot of toys and need a booking solution to keep track of everything.

Our complete system includes:

– Personalized storefronts
– Extensive product categorization
– SEO listing optimization
– Geolocation search results
– Complete calendar booking system
– Secure transaction processing
– Web-based check-in/out
– Liability waiver validation
– Payout scheduling
– Ratings and comments
– 24/7 customer support
– Vendor affiliate programs

Toy Junkies offers something for everyone!

Contact the Toy Junkies Team at info@toyjunkies.com or visit our social media platforms for the latest updates on what’s happening in Toy Junkie World!


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